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Thursday, November 13 2008

The Farmington River Anglers Association was founded in 1977. A key to FRAA beginnings was the assistance of the Hitchcock Chair Company through its then owner John Tarrant Kenney. Out of this period a policy of cooperation rather than confrontation was established as a guiding principle.

In honor of Mr. Kenney's contributions to the River's angling population, the FRAA periodically presents the John Tarrant Kenney award for significant contributions to conservation as they affect the Farmington River.

The FRAA was instrumental in establishing a 3 mile Trout Management Area in 1988, and it fought for the established handicapped section in the TMA. Also, the FRAA helped with the land acquisition on the west branch of the River for a salmon rearing station. Next, the FRAA helped to achieve the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System status; which was signed into law on August 26, 1994.

The FRAA was instrumental in the expansion of the West Branch Trout Management Area in the mid-90s and is working actively with the DEP to further expand the TMA and enhance our fishery.

The FRAA again participated in land acquisition. It was the driving force for the 125 acre Shaw-Gates land acquisition bordering the Farmington River to be kept as open space for future generations who can enjoy the fishing and beauty of this River.

Most recently, Sugar Meadow Island located just north of the Pleasant Valley Bridge and Church Pool has been acquired from the Dunbar family who has owned it for 110 years. The FRAA, along with the Farmington River Coordinating Committee (of which the FRAA became a voting member in 2004), the Farmington River Watershed Association, and Larry Kiel, attorney, all participated in the acquisition of this property. The Island has been donated to the Barkhamsted Land Trust for future generations.