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Written by Andy Butler   
Thursday, November 13 2008

We welcome new members where ever your interests may lie, fishing or conservation. If you are interested in voluteering your services in any manner, please let us know on your application, or better yet come to a club meeting and talk to one of our current board members.

Membership dues are a major source of income for the FRAA. These funds support our programs for improving the Farmington River. They also pay for our newsletter, website, and speakers for our general meetings, and incidental club expenses. The FRAA is a non-profit organization ( 501 (c)(3) tax status) and contributions beyond the basic membership dues are decuctible charitable donations.

Members receive our monthly newsletter Cross Currents and a window decal.

Become a member or renew online or mail the information below.

Annual membership dues are as follows:
$ 25 - Regular
$ 15 - Junior (under 18)
$ 30 - Family
$ 50 - Contributing
$ 75 - Sustaining
$200 - Lifetime


(print this form out by clicking the small icon to the right)


Please print your name and mailing address clearly.

NAME : __________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________

CITY: ___________________ STATE: ____ ZIP: _________

Optional information

Phone Home _______________ Work ________________

Email _________________________________________

Check if a New Member _____ or a Renewal _____

Type of Membership

___Regular $25
___Family $30
___Junior (under 18) $15
___Contributory $50
___Sustaining $75
___Lifetime $200

Type of fishing done


I would like to help with:

___Other (please explain)



All memberships, except Lifetime, are for one year and dues are payable April 1st each year. New members first renewal dues are payable in April of the following year. Please make check payable to FRAA.

Mail application to:
PO Box 177
New Hartford CT 06057

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