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Written by Shawn Britton   
Sunday, November 06 2016

From the Vest of President ~ Andrew Butler

Winter fly fishing is a real hit or miss proposition most of the time, with the “miss” the most likely scenario. But what keeps the diehards coming back is the occasional exceptional day that happens when you least expect it. That day when the wind is down, the temperature is up and the bugs are coming off in numbers that get the fish active. A well placed caddis pupa or tiny midge will entice
trout to the surface, and the dry fly action can be awesome. It can be well worth the frozen fingers and toes. I had just such a day a few weeks back, and thinking about it still brings a smile to my face. I can’t wait for the next one!
Congratulations to all the Board members on their re-election for another (lifetime?) term, and to our new Newsletter Editor, Mark Swenson. The membership present also voted to fund some fish for the Riverton and New Hartford fishing derbies, as well as for our annual fall stocking. The DEEP’s report on the Farmington River continues to show success with the Survivor Trout Program and increasing numbers of river-born fish. The program is slated to continue through at least 2017. Now all we need is some precipitation to fill up the dams and we should be good to go for another year!
- Tight lines, Drew

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