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Written by Andy Butler   
Thursday, November 13 2008

Our Mission:
Preserve, Protect, and Enhance the Farmington River Fishery

Our mission statement is quite bold, considering the fact that most of our 265 members are anglers. We are not constituted to narrowly pursue our fishing interests. We are heavily involved in the conservation and protection of the Farmington River - a precious resource worth preserving.

We donate both our time and our funds to our River. We are funded by membership dues and activities like banquets and raffles. We give our labor to activities like River clean-ups, trout hatchery improvements, school classroom activities, and habitat improvement. We give our funds for land acquisition to preserve and protect the River; for habitat restoration and preservation on the River; and, most recently to improve the Burlington trout hatchery.

We work closely with the DEEP on matters that pertain to fishing regulations, programs to enhance the quality and survivability of fish species, and enforcement of fishing regulations.

We are also on the Board of Directors, and actively support, the Farmington River Coordinating Committee which is responsible for managing the Farmington River's fourteen miles of the congressionally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers System. We are members of the Farmington River Watershed Association, the Rivers Alliance of Connecticut, and the CT DEEP's Fisheries Advisory Council. The club is also member club of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Many of our members have received formal recognition for their contributions to River activities. Lastly, we work closely with other River based organizations to enhance the footprint of our various projects.

This is the Farmington River Anglers Association

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