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Report Poachers Using the TIPS Line

Report poachers or other violations of wildlife regulations to the CT DEEP using the TIPS Hotline. Report sightings as soon as possible and give as much information as you can. If you reach a recording leave a complete message reporting:

Date and time violations observed
Location where violation occurred
Description of violation
Description of person(s)
Description of vehicles and license plates
Any other information that may be of help in apprehension of violators

In other words, the DEEP will be able to respond and apprehend the violators. However, even if the DEEP can not respond the information will be used by the Conservation Officers. The same violators may be found later by the DEEP. Repeated violations in an area will also bring more surveillance by the DEEP to the area, and it is likely that these violators, or others, will be caught.

Like all government agencies the DEEP is faced with ever increasing staffing shortages. It is only through support of sportsmen that we can preserve the quality of the fishing and hunting resources that we have in the State of Connecticut.